PHP Benelux 2018

PHP Benelux 2019: 7 things that we will remember

For two days PHP Benelux 2019 was the place to be for anyone who works with PHP. A quick overview of the most important takeaways.

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visies meet the hackers

Meet the hackers: three perspectives on security

Better safe than sorry was the message behind ‘Meet the hackers’, our workshop on ethical hacking. In the cosy setting of the Mariaburg barn, […]

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gdpr voor developers

GDPR: practical tips for developers

There’s already a massive amount of information around concerning the GDPR, especially for CEOs, CIOs, and marketing managers, but what about GDPR for developers? […]

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devops mythes

6 DevOps myths we want to debunk

DevOps is a hot topic. There’s lots of information about it, but unfortunately not all of it is meaningful or correct. Our hands-on experience […]

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learn how to optimize content for varnish

How to optimize content for Varnish?

In our first two Chalk Talk video’s we explained what Varnish is and how it works. In this third Chalk Talk video, we look […]

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persoonlijke data betalen

Will you soon be paying with personal data?

Opinion makers are lining up to tell us how Facebook has really spoiled things with the next generation of digital natives. According to these […]

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myths about gdpr and encryption

GDPR & Encryption

Everyone knows that the new GDPR legislation will enter into force on 25 May, so everybody is scrambling to find out what they need […]

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