Domain names are nothing but air?

Last week Minister Johan Vandelanotte claimed that domain name sellers are making super-profits by selling ‘hot air’. Just as if phone numbers in the […]

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Pimping the office

Since January the Nucleus Geeks have moved into the new office on the ground floor. The interior designers of Project Atelier have done a […]

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Varnish logo - Nucleus cloud hosting

What is Varnish and what can it do for me?

Varnish is not only something you use to protect wood, it’s also a tool to make your website superfast and a piece of software […]

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Antwerp, June 4th 2013 –, the public service of the government, which has a mission to provide the Belgian populous, corporations and organizations […]

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Nucleus introduces Security-as-a-Service with Trend Micro Deep Security

Secured Cloud offer based on a license model Nucleus, Belgian expert in online hosting of infrastructure and applications, integrates Deep Security by Trend Micro, […]

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Why choose a Cloud Server Let's have a look under the hood.

At Nucleus we can take care of all your server needs. Webhosting,virtual private servers, colocation, consultancy … it’s all available to you. One of […]

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Continuous integration en deployment met Bamboo

At Nucleus we have, besides a lot of servers in our data centers, a number of fairly complex software systems we develop ourselves. Besides […]

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Death of a hard drive

Hard drives sometimes break or need replacing. What happens to those disks? Because, let’s not forget, they still contain bits and bytes that mustn’t […]

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Nucleus kanooh persbericht hosting samenwerking

Nucleus hosts kañooh, a Drupal-as-a-service for the Flemish government

At the end of last year the Flemish government decided to start up Kañooh or Drupal As-a-Service. The idea was, and still is, to […]

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Using Memcached: who, what, where?

To developers the term ‘Memcached’ will be a familiar one. For many it is already a standard part of their application. For those who […]

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