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DevOps is a hot topic. There’s lots of information about it, but unfortunately not all of it is meaningful or correct. Our hands-on experience means we can unravel a lot of the hype around DevOps.

The 6 biggest DevOps myths

What are some of the things you’re supposed to believe concerning DevOps? We’ve made a list of the six DevOps myths we most often come across.

1. DevOps is a recent phenomenon

The term was first used by Andrew Shafer and Patrick Debois during a presentation on Agile Infrastructure op de Agile Infrastructure at the Agile Toronto Conference in 2008. However, it only became mainstream in 2009, when the very first DevOpsDays were held above the baptismal font in Belgium. DevopsDays are now held around the globe, so DevOps has been around for ten years.

2. 2. DevOps is a skill

Not at all! You can’t decide to simply implement DevOps, and look for someone with that skill on LinkedIn, although you’ll certainly find someone claiming to have it. DevOps is all about a team of people who learn how to implement DevOps in their environment by working together and acquiring experience. Inherent to this process is that every DevOps project can be fundamentally different. Even someone with a lot of experience in DevOps won’t get results if they fail to get the rest of the team on board, and can’t convince them of the importance of better coordinating development and operations.

3. DevOps is about implementing tools

Many people think they can implement DevOps by installing a series of tools and then getting them to do the work. Unfortunately, it doesn’t work that way, because although DevOps uses tools, it goes much further. Above all, DevOps requires a new way of thinking and working: a shift in the corporate culture, you might say. DevOps is mainly about better collaboration, and the tools are merely a means to achieving this.

4. DevOps means starting from scratch

We often hear this one: starting with DevOps means starting from scratch. You have to rebuild your systems and processes from the ground up. Wrong! The most successful DevOps projects are those that start by optimising existing and known processes, then expand from there and start scaling. Something you have been doing or using for years is not necessarily wrong, but can almost certainly be optimised and streamlined. That’s the approach that works best with DevOps: see if you can improve anything before you decide to replace it.

5. DevOps means virtualising everything

The myth says that if you want to implement DevOps properly, you have to virtualise everything. However, this is not the case. While it’s true that lots of DevOps projects start in a virtualised environment, it’s simply because that’s where a lot of good tools are available. However, that shouldn’t prevent you from examining how DevOps can bring benefits in non-virtualised environments. It’s not about technology, it’s about processes, and how you can become more efficient, virtual or not.

6. DevOps has nothing to offer us

‘We’re not an IT company, so DevOps is nothing for us,’ they say. We always answer that question with another question: what processes in your company need software or hardware? And how much of that software is specifically bought or developed for your company? When people think about these issues, they quickly realise the crucial and often critical role that IT plays in their company. Organisations that depend on others to be efficient will eventually disappear, which is why DevOps is something that every company should at least think about right now.

How do you start?

Nucleus is one of the great supporters of DevOps in Belgium, so lots of our system administrators also have several years of experience as developers in PHP, Ruby and Perl. We use DevOps not only for ourselves, we also preach it to our customers, emphasising the advantages for both parties and the better results. If you’d like to find out more, download our eBook on DevOps, ask your questions using the comments section, or e-mail us.

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