15 years of Nucleus

If we look back 15 years, it is almost impossible to believe that we started off with only two servers. We did have a clear vision, though. Wouter and I agreed that we had to take a head start by focusing on quality. Our experience as consultants had taught us that a lot of sighing and complaining was going on in the IT trade, because the tool most IT professionals were using most, seemed to be their umbrella. An umbrella ceremoniously opened while stating “there’s nothing I can do about it”.

We realised that we had to do things differently to succeed as a hosting company. Our internal aim was summarised as “savings costs is saving on quality; investing in quality results in saving costs”.


2 servers became more than 3000

And then two servers became three servers, a firewall, some more servers, a move to another datacentre, the expansion to our own cage with no less than twelve racks, the opening of a second location in a datacentre in Antwerp, new firewalls, own BGP routing, own uplinks, etc.

In the meantime, we took the plunge and moved in together. The two of us on the seventh floor of the North Trade Building. The next step was hiring staff, which made us outgrow the seventh floor within two years. So we moved to the third floor and hired yet more staff. And then finally, two years ago, we landed on the ground floor with an office we finally managed to organise according to our taste and vision. An office we are still proud of. And which, fortunately, gave us the opportunity to get even more staff in.

All that time we continued to focus on quality, technological pioneering and two-way communications with our partners, but also with our staff. Because no matter how proud we are of our technology, the real investment is our staff. They made Nucleus into what it is. They are our real capital, but we do enter them as an expense item on our accounts, obviously. This bunch of geeks came up with the following statement: “Nucleus, (dumb)founded since 2000”


A fantastic thank-you party

We just had to share this event and this feeling with our team, our customers and our suppliers. Being the geeks that we are we could not just ignore Star Wars “The Force Awakens”, so the party was combined with a full house at Kinepolis Antwerp. It was fantastic to have so many customers and suppliers together in one place and being able to say thank you.

We had a nice chat, a nice meal and a nice drink. We enjoyed the film. We tried to capture the evening in a number of stunning photographs that you can view on our Flickr page.

And thank you also – and again – for conspiring behind our back to play the following film in a full theatre:



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