In March 2015 we were the host of the Antwerp WordPress User Group at our offices in Antwerp. With an astonishing 35 attendents, this was the biggest edition of the User Group so far!

The focus of the Antwerp WordPress User Group was security this time: security for non-devs and an in-depth talk on PHP-specific security elements, code obfuscation and all the things that happen to your site and server if you’ve been hacked.

We gave the presentation on Code Obfuscation, PHP Shells & More: what hackers do once they get passed your code. This was a modified version of the talk given at the PHP Benelux 2014 edition.

If you would like to re-watch the presentation, the slides are available below.

We’ld love to thank Dave Loodts and Veerle Verbert for the organisation and for giving us the opportunity to be the host of this edition.

If you have any questions about the content of the presentation or if you’d like to touch base on where Nucleus can play a role in the security or management of your server, don’t be afraid to get in touch — we’re looking forward to discussing the various options together with you!

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