Last week Minister Johan Vandelanotte claimed that domain name sellers are making super-profits by selling ‘hot air’. Just as if phone numbers in the white or yellow pages should cost money.

The minister completely missed the point and did prove one thing: he was absolutely right when he claimed, when introducing himself in an interview as the minister of IT, that even programming a VCR is too complex for him. His reaction is completely unfounded, because of lack of knowledge. A domain name is more than a registration. Does the minister realize that you can have the best webservers and mail servers, but that if the name servers are not functioning (correctly), the rest becomes unreachable? Does the minister realize that the security of DNS-records forms an important challenge against the fraud en phishing practices on the internet? Does the minister know how many investments are done by a hosting company and how much highly educated employment is involved?

We suspect not and gladly invite the minister to come and take a look, far away from the press, but with old-fashioned pen and paper to take some note.

We’ll gladly explain to the minister that it’s those very companies who choose quality and ask an honest price for it, aren’t the ones who are responsible for the (rather small percentage) of garbage .be-domain names. It’s rather the companies who ask 3€ for a .be-domain name, who attract the phishers and sorts. Buying 100*3€ domain names, using them for a few hours and deleting them again, is appealing. Paying 100*17€ and run the risk that the provider in question quickly realizes what’s happening and intervenes, no, that’s not something those fakers want to deal with.

In short, dear Johan, there’s still much we can teach you. You’re more than welcome for a private afternoon of study.

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