Hijack your own domain name

Everybody comes up with good ideas sometimes. Sometimes those ideas develop into a business plan and sometimes these plans lead to real actions. No matter if it’s a new company, a split, a merger, a new product, a new department… communications are likely to be abundant afterwards, and the new entity will start to lead a life of its own.  And wouldn’t it be a pity that the domain name you need is already taken by someone else?


This week a short article was published about the merger between Ahold and Delhaize. The merger leaked out in the newspaper De Tijd. Leaks are of all times, but after the leak two more days passed before a smart Korean registered the domain name aholddelhaize.com. Unforgivable for a company with such a huge marketing department.


In fact, I don’t agree with the use of the word hijacking in this context. Nothing has been stolen. Nothing illegal has actually happened. Domain names can be registered freely (except for TLDs for which specific rules apply). In this case the Korean did not hijack anything, he bought something he knew was actually worth some cash for someone else.


A domain name in the hand is worth two in the bush, as the saying goes.

That is why our advice is really quite simple. If you get to the state where an idea is maturing, make a useful investment. With just €20 you can make sure that you do not have to pay thousands of euros later on for a domain name that you really need, or for turning your plans around or starting a rebranding process.


If you are still in doubt about the name, and you want to be on the safe side, register all the names that might interest you. If you cannot do so in advance, for one reason or another, make sure to make the necessary registrations when the news comes out. There are always hijackers on the horizon to be the first to register a new name.


Think about brand registration

Even though registering a domain name generally works according to the first come, first served principle, you can build in an extra protection by registering your brand. If you do, you will have the chance later, if someone registers the domain name and uses it to mislead, to go to court and request the domain name to be cancelled because it constitutes a violation of your brand registration.


Even though Nucleus does not engage in brand registration, we can help you with advice and referrals to our partners who are specialised in these matters. Contact our sales for more information.

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