Have you heard of ‘Harald’? ‘Harald’ is the new platform recently launched by In The Pocket, a mobile agency from Gent. The platform works with beacons of their own design, small devices that can communicate with mobile devices like your smartphone and your tablet. It’s a nice example of Internet Of Things in practice. No idea what I’m talking about?

Imagine if you will an interactive visit to a museum … Through strategically placed beacons your tablet knows what work of art you’re standing for and you get all sorts of information about the artwork. With modified apps even Augmented Reality is possible. Imagine looking at the David by Michelangelo and that you can see on your tablet what this David looked like when he was still a block of marble and how the hands of the master brought forth the artwork…

Or how about the next time you visit the airport you not only receive a generic welcome message, but can see the discounts available at the stores you’re walking by in the tax free zone? Or a notification that tells you where you can pick up your luggage? Handy isn’t it?

Or supermarkets where sensors indicate when a shelf is almost empty and needs restocking. Or where you as a consumer receive a message telling you where you can find the product you were just looking at online are amongst the possibilities.

For these kinds of applications Uptime-as-a-Service is crucial. The requested information shouldn’t reach you when you’re already standing by the next artwork, when your luggage is already rolling off the conveyer or when the shelf is empty ….

Seeing as the number of beacons and the use thereof will continue to grow, the need for flexible and scalable cloud hosting will continue to grow.

We’re proud that we could convince In The Pocket of our Uptime-as-a-Service offer and that we can continue to grow together in this innovative story. Want to know more? Read the customer case we’ve written with In the Pocket.

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