Through our customers we at Nucleus come in contact ever more often with Internet of Things. Customers like Option, pioneers in the field of wireless connectivity and security, who are hard at work paving the way of machine-to-machine communication.

With its CloudGate the Leuven based company delivers technology that allows devices to communicate with each other or the internet, with surprising and innovative applications as a result. For example, it allows companies to manage the climate control in all of their buildings remotely, or it allows the energy supplier to adjust the light posts along the highway and monitor them online so they can immediately see which lights are broken and need replacing.

That such a company turns to us for hosting their web application – the CloudGate Universe – boosts our ego, but at the same time it makes sure that we give it all we’ve got to keep innovating ourselves. Without diminishing our customer service of course …

Curious about what Option does and how Nucleus is helping them do it? Simply download the customer case or watch the video.

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