Nucleus keeps investing to improve its services. This way we can continue to adjust our offerings to what our clients need.
Today we’re changing our Nucleus Universal Groupware drastically.

Earlier we had 3 versions of the product: bronze, silver and gold, who differed in both mailbox size and functionality.
Starting today, only one version remains: gold.

The gold package will receive a great boost: it still contains all the functionality such as synchronisation with mobile devices, as well as a boost in mailbox size from 5 GB previously to 25 GB now.

But the party doesn’t stop there: beside the functionality and mailbox size increase, we’re also lowering our price. From now on, a Universal Groupware mailbox will only cost 5 euro per mailbox per month.

This change is effective starting today for all new purchases. Existing mailboxes will receive the new price conditions at the first upcoming renewal period. There is no refund for running periods. You don’t need to make any modifications yourself: you have already received all the additional functionality and a 25 GB mailbox and at the next renewal you’ll see your newly lowered price.

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