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At the end of last year the Flemish government decided to start up Kañooh or Drupal As-a-Service. The idea was, and still is, to a provide a platform for government departments that allows them to create and maintain government websites quickly and in a user-friendly way.

The ESN/ONE Agency consortium won the framework contract and is working on a total solution that consists of three parts: Kañooh Websites, Kañooh Services and Kañooh Hosting. After an extra tendering process Nucleus was asked by the consortium to take care of the hosting part of the entire project.

Nucleus, which pitches itself as the hosting solution builder, is a specialist at hosting such environments. “When setting up this hosting environment we didn’t jump in without looking”, says David Geens, Managing Partner at Nucleus. “We’ve applied the DevOps philosophy. In other words Nucleus sat down with the developers of the Kañooh Platform to define what the software application (Drupal) needed to host all the websites optimally”, Geens clarifies. After all, Nucleus believes that a cloud-software application always needs to be developed with a couple of hosting specifications built into the architecture itself. Partly because of that approach Nucleus succeeded inhaving the entire environment operational and functioning optimally in less than one month. It is most likely that in the coming years a lot of websites will be created by the Flemish government as well as local governments and be brought online. The hosting platform Nucleus created is ready for them.

Tim De Coninck, project manager at Kañooh: “The professional approach and intense collaboration with Nucleus has helped us bring the Kañooh environment online quickly and Scalability. It gives us the confidence for the future in which we will continue to automate everything.”

Nucleus has positioned itself for many years as “hosting solution builder” rather than just a hosting company. The difference is in the approach, the expertise and the quality of the service provided.

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About Nucleus
Nucleus is the hosting solution builder of choice. The company specializes in providing professional hosting, from shared hosting and domain names to complex colocation, managed dedicated and cloud server solutions for businesses and organizations. As hosting solution builder, Nucleus provides adequate hosting solutions, tailored to the customer. The headquarters are located in Antwerp and operates from four independent data centers (Antwerp, Diegem, Nossegem and Zaventem). Nucleus currently manages over 1500 servers within its network and has a redundant hosted cloud solution. More information:

About kañooh
kañooh Websites is the platform of the Flemish government to create and maintain government websites quickly, simply and in a user friendly way. The force behind this platform is the deeply embedded automation and standardization.

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