Secured Cloud offer based on a license model

Nucleus, Belgian expert in online hosting of infrastructure and applications, integrates Deep Security by Trend Micro, specialists in the field of virtualization- and cloud security, into its customized hosting. This allows Nucleus to offer customized security from now on.

With its infrastructure comprised of 4 data centers, over 70 racks and more than 1900 servers – partly virtualized through VMware – Nucleus helps small and large organizations with the most diverse questions. The diversity in assignments, combined with an ever increasing demand for more complex (virtual) infrastructures and a huge increase in the amount of advanced internet threats, necessitated Nucleus to switch to a more performant, up-to-date and manageable security solution.

On May 1st the managing partners, David Geens and Wouter Sergeyssels, decided to exchange their Juniper vGW-solution for the all-in-one Deep Security solution by Trend Micro. Today this entirely agentless and agent-based security platform offers a better answer to the problems concerning management, performance and security control in virtual environments. On top of that Deep Security in integrated with the Smart Protection Network by Trend Micro, a cloud-client infrastructure for real-time protection against upcoming threats.

“For us Deep Security was the only manageable solution with an answer to the increase in complexity and crime. We feel the solution evolves with the most recent challenges in cybercrime.” says Wouter Sergeyssels, managing partner and responsible for the operational and technical management at Nucleus.

Customer is king

Nucleus goes for a personalized approach. “Based on conversations and risk-analyses’ we always suggest several possibilities to a customer, the same goes for the security. It’s a different exercise with every company and it often depends on the risk he is / isn’t willing to take. For us it’s essential that from this point forward we have an easy way to offer a broad pallet of security and fulfill the specific demand of the customer”, says David Geens, managing partner and responsible for a.o. sales and marketing at Nucleus.

The advantage of Deep Security is that the solution grows in function of a project. Parameters and security levels can be adjusted. A great advantage for Nucleus according to Steven Heyde, country manager at Trend Micro. “Service Providers and their customers are looking for solutions that protect hybrid and dynamic environments sufficiently. With a ‘customized security offer’ Nucleus shows it is thinking with its customer. With its various functionalities such as firewall, break-in prevention and detection, web-reputation, log- and integrity analyses’ and anti-malware, the Deep Security platform offers the users the guarantee to more effective and efficient security. This gives Nucleus sufficient resources to answer a wide range of customers’ questions.”

About Nucleus

Nucleus is a hosting solution builder. The company specializes in professional hosting, from shared hosting solutions and domains, to complex colocation, managed dedication and Cloud server solutions. As Hosting Solution Builder, Nucleus delivers adequate hosting solutions made to measure for the customer. The Nucleus headquarters are located in Antwerp and the company operates from four independent datacenters (Antwerp, Diegem, Nossegem and Zaventem). At the moment Nucleus manages over 1900 servers within its network and has a redundant hosted Cloud solution.

About Trend Micro

Trend Micro is worldwide market leader in the field of virtualization- and cloud-security. The company secures the exchange of digital information of companies and consumers. Trend Micro is in the lead when it comes to integrated threat management-technology. Trend Micro has over 25 years of experience and using its software it offers security on client-, server- and cloud- level. Through the Trend Micro Smart Protection Network-infrastructure, a security technology based on cloud computing, attacks are stopped right where they start. The infrastructure is supported by over 1000 security experts worldwide.

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