Nucleus has once again recorded a growth of 20% during the first six months of this fiscal year. This is a confirmation of the trend of the two previous years that also knew an average growth of more than 20%. This proves that Belgian companies more often choose to outsource their IT infrastructure to a local cloud provider.

Nucleus provides Uptime-as-a-Service: when companies need guarantees about the proper functioning of their IT-infrastructure, they can call on Nucleus. It’s important that both Uptime and Service are noted here.

Thanks to its own infrastructure, Nucleus can offer all hosting services in the broadest sense of the word in own management. Nucleus operates from four datacenters – all four on Belgian territory – and with its own network that is connected to local and international backbones on more than 10 locations. Nucleus already manages over 2000 servers.

This gives the advantage that Nucleus is a typical SME, characterized by the personal service and flexibility, but with the impact force of a large provider.

Many Belgian companies appreciate this formula. “We notice that many entrepreneurs increasingly realize that the total cost of ownership ofcritical IT-infrastructure is much lower when outsourced to such cloud providers”, says David Geens, Managing Partner at Nucleus. “The cost of downtime is more and more recognized as a risk and people see that cloud solutions are the right way to counter that. The fact that people can call on a local provider, so that they can be helped more directly and easier in their own language than is the case with an international player where they are an anonymous number, is an argument that makes people choose Nucleus.”

Much growth in the cloud is still coming

Recent research has shown that 50% of companies use cloud applications, but that these cover only 10% of their applications. So there’s still quite a lot of room for growth, because the first careful steps have taught these companies what the do’s and don’ts are of cloud integration.

“We also notice the effect of the fact that some time ago Microsoft was sentenced to transfer the data of a European customer to the American government, despite the fact that the data was hosted in a European. With all the media attention concerning Snowden and the NSA, we notice that this is an extra argument for people for why they want the benefits of the cloud, but from a local player that can show where the data is actually stored”, David Geens clarifies. “That’s why we’ve made an important effort to obtain a ISO27001 certificate so that we show that even though we’re a local player, we still have the expertise to treat the data of our customers safely.”

Nucleus expects that the 20% growth will last for an extended period of time and is growing its sales and technical team. At the same time there recently were heavy investments in the network so the capacity grew tenfold. The search for new employees is the next challenge to be able to continue the current growth.

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