At the beginning of November the website was launched. The OFF ON campaign was created by the Ministers of Energy together with Elia, FPS Economy and the Federal Public Service Internal Affairs. The risk of a low supply of electricity is very real this winter. A shutdown remains the ultimate measure. To avoid this, it’s necessary to encourage the greater population to use less electricity. The new government website now bundles all available information about the possible power shortage this winter in our country.

The website, accompanying app and campaign via social media were developed by the Leuven based communication agency Kunstmaan. Based on previous experiences in launching information concerning the shutdown plans, Kunstmaan called on Uptime-as-a-Service specialist Nucleus. The assignment was very clear: can’t go offline.

The launch happened with the necessary press attention and consequently the expectations were high. Numbers told us that we could expect up to 500.000 simultaneous visitors.

Thanks to our expertise in DevOps we, together with Kunstmaan, were able to outline a project in a short amount of time in which it was clearly defined what would be developed based on Mutual feedback. This way the system managers were able to take the necessary actions to provide an always on infrastructure. They used cloud servers in the Nucleus cloud with high availability, load balancing and varnish caching.

We didn’t miss the start. Immediately after the media mentioned the website on their websites we saw the visitor numbers spike. The bandwidth spiked without any problems. Despite the many visitors (over 5000 new visitors each second), the site remained readily available for everyone.

The site remains under the management and monitoring of the Nucleus hosting specialists all winter. It’s expected that as it gets colder, more and more people will want to stay up to date with the very latest news of the predictions and the shutdown plans. The electricity may shut down in parts of the country, but we’ll make sure the site remains available.

About Nucleus

Nucleus was founded in 2000. Nucleus manages over 2000 servers in 4 Belgian datacenters and has a network with a capacity of 70 gigabit. Nucleus specializes in Uptime-as-a-Service and maintains the hosting of IT applications that require guarantees on availability.

Contact information

David Geens, Managing Partner – 0475/60801

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