Whoever hears the word hosting, often immediately thinks of website hosting. But hosting today is so much more. The sector often speaks of Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS), but we at Nucleus often speak of Uptime-as-a-Service (UaaS). After all, our baseline is “Hosting Solution Builder”. Our tasks go beyond merely delivering a server; we search for solutions.

So it’s always great to see that that exercise leads to success. For instance, we have come up with a solution for our partner Nascom, a web agency from Limburg, that allows their development and staging route to better connect to their way of working and the hosting they were already taking from us.

We sat together a couple of times and we put their and our expertise together. The result was that we built a hybrid cloud for them. Hybrid in the sense that they have their own cloud environment in which they deploy and manage VM’s on dedicated servers in our datacenter, but make use of the shared redundant storage at Nucleus.

That entire environment is managed and monitored by Nucleus, but Nascom has the liberty to manage the resources themselves. At the same time we thought about the workflow.

The result? We’ll let you read that for yourself on their blog – because who better to talk about satisfaction than the users themselves? The blog also covers the setup where Drupal Development happens entirely in the Private Cloud at Nucleus.

Should you have questions about hosting, Uptime-as-a-Service, IaaS or other IT-infrastructure with uptime guarantees, give us a call. Because Nucleus will always go that one step further, that makes the difference for you.

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