Since January the Nucleus Geeks have moved into the new office on the ground floor. The interior designers of Project Atelier have done a tremendous job.

Almost the entire office was provided with details in green felt, a brainstorm area was constructed using Euro-pallets and there are large nature prints on the walls of the meeting rooms. The only thing that was missing was the geeky touch we gave to the old office.

The first item on our list was the bland wall in the kitchen. David had unexpectedly provided us with the necessary “Mario Vinyl’s”. These were greeted with great enthusiasm and not 30 minutes later Mario and friends found a place on the wall.

In the design of the new office a game corner was included. This was separated from the rest by big closets that in turn were covered by blackboard paint. To stay in the gaming sphere a couple of Nintendo legends were drawn: Bowser and Princes Peach.

It wasn’t the first time we had fun like that at the office. The old office witnessed the height of the post-it wars with a 2m high Princes Peach.


Converting a leaf blower to a stress-ball canon, playing Pacman with the makey-makey and a load of fruit or making greasy-Friday-hamburger-stop-motion-clips. In short, all things we do to relieve stress and we don’t mind using our lunch breaks and time after hours for.


Do you feel like helping this bunch of geeks with all sorts of fun projects (both work and non-work related)? We have multiple open vacancies, check them out!

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