PHPBenelux, , Puppet and Zabbix community, Neo4J, Domain Driven Design, Varnish, … We’ve supported them all and we’ve received them all. Do we do this so you guys will think we’re cool? Sure, but that’s not the only reason.

If you’re a marketeer, then while you’re reading this you’ll probably think we’re aiming at influencers, to get them familiarized with our offer. Not entirely untrue, but it’s definitively not the main reason. If that would be the case, then we’d share a lot of commercial information during such sessions, but we don’t.

Of course we sponsor some events to raise brand awareness en to come across likable, but the primary reason we do this is to give something back to those that have given us so much already.

Open source can only survive thanks to the communities. And Nucleus wouldn’t be Nucleus without open source, so we’d be nowhere without communities. Consequently we think it’s only normal that let a part of our success and the fruits of our efforts flow back into the communities through sponsoring and hosting of events.

But it doesn’t stop there either. Thanks to the gatherings we organize at our office every couple of weeks, we learn as well. Almost always there are interesting topics that allow us to learn new things. We are investigating Domain Driven Design ourselves as wel, we gave presentations about Javascript for PHP developers, we had very interesting discussions about how to integrate Zabbix in Puppet, …

We also get to know a lot of people. People who may help us further down the road as supplier, customer, consultant or future employee. Knowing people is always a plus when you work with open source software that’s carried by a community.

What’s equally important to us, is that by doing so, we give the developers who build the things (we will hopefully end up hosting) the opportunity to learn the best methods and techniques. As hoster and Uptime as a Service provider, we can only be benefited by websites and web applications that are developed in a stable way. It’s easier for us to build scalable and flexible systems, when the online applications are designed to respond to that optimally. What’s the point that we as Hosting Solution Builder provide state of the art technology and infrastructure, if it can’t be used to its full potential? Our guarantees on uptime don’t just depend on our hosting expertise and system management knowledge, but also on how good the applications are.

That giving and taking is the core of communities. We get and take so much from these communities every day, that we gladly give back so that we can take more later – and again give more later.

Are you involved in a community and are you looking for a host for your next meet-up? Don’t hesitate to get in touch with us. Or keep an eye onour twitter account @nucleus_hosting to know when we’ll be hosting the next event. Because that’s what we are: real hosters, both on and off the web.

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