Good news everyone! Last night, after many years of development, PHP 7 was published. In this blog post we shed more light on what’s new, what functions disappeared and what the performance of the new PHP 7 looks like!

To celebrate that new PHP release we held a modest meetup in our office. A couple of small announcements on our @nucleus_hosting twitter account quickly resulted in about 30 sign ups. A nice turnout for a last-minute meetup!

We started the evening with a presentation about What’s new in PHP 7? that zooms in on all new features and what gotcha’s there are when you want to upgrade from PHP 5.x. You can take a look at the slides below.

A 2nd presentation was given by Wim Godden of, about the PHPCompatibility project. This tool, based on PHP_CodeSniffer, allows you to analyze a codebase for any possible problems that might arise when you switch PHP version. Want to switch from PHP 5.5 to 5.6? Then PHPCompatibility lets you know which features have been removed. Support for PHP 7 is already included, so you can use PHPCompatibility to report the functionality of your own project on PHP 7! And because it was after all a Release Party we thought: what’s a party without cake? So we got a cake that was big enough to feed an army!


Michelangelo van Dam, a well known figure in the PHP Community and fellow organizer of the brilliant PHP Benelux conference, even gave away 3 rare PHP 7 ElePHPants for the occasion! The winners are lucky to have such a collector’s item.

Because we want to motivate the use of PHP 7 we gave all the attendees a free PHP 7 compatible shared hosting package. We had already prepared the PHP 7 release for some time with the previous release candidates and we can now proudly say that our linux shared hosting is PHP 7 compatible as well.

Through the Nucleus Controlpanel you can now opt for PHP 5.3, 5.4, 5.5, 5.6 and 7.0 for your website! The pull request to activate the feature was, with the necessary GIF’s, merged live during the presentation.

Looking for some extra reading material on the new PHP 7? We gladly refer you to:

We’re very happy with the new PHP 7 release. As system administrators we mostly see the improvements in performance of applications and the decreased CPU and memory usage on the servers. Also want to test PHP 7? Then definitively take a look at our Linux Shared Webhosting packages that now support PHP 7 as well!

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