Simple, safe and affordable

Nucleus applies the technology of Veeam Cloud Connect Back-Up (VCC Back-Up) in order to easily create cloud back-ups of your virtual servers. Therefore, you simply and quickly place back-ups in our datacenters. And you don’t have to take care of the management of your back-up infrastructure.

External back-ups, hosted in Belgium

You duplicate your back-ups to the Nucleus cloud. These are transferred via a secure SSL connection to a Belgian datacenter that is ISO 27001 certified. You can rest assured, thanks to the modern back-up technology of Veeam.

End-to-end encryption

With each action, all of your data are encrypted at the source. That means: before it leaves the network perimeter. Therefore, you put security first, without affecting the data reduction capacity of integrated compression, data deduplication and WAN acceleration. That WAN acceleration does require Veeam Enterprise, and has an additional cost.

What does cloud back-up mean for you?

  • Easy, quick, cost-efficient and secure cloud back-ups
  • Cloud back-ups within an ISO 27001 certified Belgian datacenter
  • Personal advice about back-up strategies
  • Support during the implementation of your solution

Nucleus - Online back up

Nucleus - Uptime as a Service

Our strengths

  • High-quality solutions
  • Valuable tailor-made advice
  • Fierce and transparent guarantees
  • An ISO 27001 certification for data security
  • Years of experience in the field of hosting
  • All servers are hosted in Belgian data centres
  • An independent, financially healthy and growing company
  • Transparent, honest and proactive communication