Network security

Securing your networks is crucial when it comes to your overall security. Lots of businesses use network security, but leave a lot of potential unused. The foundation is of course decent firewalling. But next to that, there are also other options.

Nucleus - Cloud security


When we’re setting up your firewalls, we’ll determine together with you which traffic to and from your server we’ll allow, and which traffic we’ll block. We don’t limit ourselves to the standard packet-filtering firewall that determines which traffic can pass through which port. With cloud servers, we’ll also install virtual firewalls that work on the level of your virtual machines themselves; not only for incoming, but also for outgoing traffic. So you’ll avoid having a problem on one machine causing trouble across your entire cluster.


A proper protection against DDoS attacks is a challenge. Because how do you distinguish criminal traffic from regular traffic? Our DDoS protection consists of several components that focus on real-time monitoring and protection through mitigation. So every DDoS attack is nipped in the bud. Mitigation uses a number of filters that separates the regular traffic from traffic with its source in botnets and hijacked browsers. Nucleus’ solution is different from others.

Intrusion Prevention & Intrusion Detection

An Intrusion Prevention & Intrusion Detection System (IPS/IDS) prevents or automatically detects all unauthorized access to your system. Our IPS/IDS solution makes sure that targeted attacks are detected, analysed and addressed in real-time.

24/7 monitoring

All our cloud servers are automatically monitored 24/7. If something happens somewhere, we’ll immediately receive an alert. This way, we can intervene quickly if something is about to go wrong, or if something suspicious is happening.

What does network security mean for you?

  • Real-time protection against uninvited invaders at different levels
  • Advice on which level of protection is most relevant for you
  • Support when implementing the solution

Nucleus - Cloud security

Nucleus - Uptime as a Service

Our strengths

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