Datacenter locations

Today, Nucleus operates from four datacenters: in Antwerp and Nossegem, Diegem and Zaventem.

Those are all Tier 3+ datacenters that have a good secured location with guaranteed power supply, burglary protection, water and fire detection, and climate control.

You’ll have a fast connection of 480 gb/s with a unique failover, and a maximal uptime guarantee of 99.90 percent.

Nucleus - Network

Antwerpen & Nossegem

Antwerpen and Nossegem are our main locations. Here, we have the best facilities and the most space. Both locations are fully equipped as a high density datacenter. The datacenter in Nossegem is owned by Orange, and is located along the Leuvensesteenweg. The datacenter in Antwerpen is owned by LCL, and is located on the Noorderlaan.


The datacenter in Diegem is equipped as secondary datacenter. Thanks to the direct link to our own network, Nossegem and Diegem are directly linked to each other. Diegem is the POP where we connect our fibre network to various uplink providers, as it has more than 50 carriers available. This datacenter, owned by LCL, is located on the Kouterveldstraat.


Zaventem is the third POP in our Brussels ring. Here, we only take care of colocation services. We don’t have our own suite here. The purpose of this POP is to ensure the full redundancy of our network. Zaventem also has more than 50 uplink providers that we can connect to, including the famous BNIX node. Zaventem is hosted by InterXion and is located in the Wezenbeekstraat.

Nucleus - Uptime as a Service

Our strengths

  • High-quality solutions
  • Valuable tailor-made advice
  • Strong and transparent guarantees
  • ISO 27001 certified data security
  • Years of experience in the field of hosting
  • All servers are hosted in Belgian datacentres
  • An independent, financially healthy and growing company
  • Transparent, honest and proactive communication