Public cloud

In a public cloud, you make use of a Nucleus-owned shared infrastructure, the Nucleus Public Cloud.

Consequently, you’ll get (almost) infinite scalability and the guarantee that you have the latest hardware in Tier 3+ datacenters at your disposal.

We maintain and manage that hardware ourselves and take care of up-to-date security. Moreover, you can count on locale service by experts at any time.

Nucleus - Managed hosting

Fully company-owned infrastructure

The Nucleus cloud is facilitated with company-owned hardware, which we manage and maintain ourselves in Belgian tier 3+ datacenters. So, your data will always remain in Belgium and will be stored securely. Have a look at our complete network of datacenters.

Perfect security

We take security very seriously. Our ISO 27001 certificate for data protection  is proof of this. Therefore, our Nucleus Public Cloud is secured to a maximum degree on all levels. Discover the details of what we offer in terms of data security.

Managed services

Because we focus on hosting, we are the ideal partner for managing your infrastructure. We have the expertise and take care of the set-up, maintenance and management. You select from different types of managed services that we offer.

Migration to private cloud

Do you want to switch to a private cloud – for any reason at all – in the future? No problem. We will migrate your data and they will remain in a Belgian data center.

Public cloud versus Private cloud? What are the most important differences?

What does public cloud mean for you?

  • Up-to-date infrastructure, managed and maintained by us
  • Servers hosted in a Belgian tier 3+ datacenter
  • An ISO 27001 certification for data security
  • Taking care of management, maintenance and monitoring

Nucleus - Managed hosting

Nucleus - Uptime as a Service

Our strengths

  • High-quality products and services
  • Strong and transparent guarantees
  • Valuable tailor-made advice
  • An ISO 27001 certification for data security
  • Years of experience in the field of hosting
  • All servers are hosted in Belgian data centres
  • An independent, financially healthy and growing company
  • Transparent, honest and proactive communication