You may start the Nucleus Business Backup Client, by doubleclicking the icon on your desktop, or by doubleclicking the system tray icon, in the bottom right of your screen. The logon screen of the software will pop up.

After you have logged on for the first time, using the correct username and password, you will be asked to create a new back-up set. This requires a descriptive name.

After choosing a name, you can select which folders/files you would like to back-up. By default the location “My Documents” will be selected.

After choosing which folders to back-up, proceed by clicking “Next”. This allows you to set up a back-up schedule, and determine when the back-up needs to be performed. There will already be a default back-up schedule present, called “Backup Schedule (Type: Daily)”. This schedule will take a daily back-up at 21h.

If you would like to change this, click on the back-up schedule to select it and click on “Properties”. A new window will open, where you can edit the details. This gives you the option to take a daily/weekly/monthly back-up. You can also create a new schedule, to run only on the days you specify.

After confirming the schedule, the last screen will be shown. This allows you to determine your encryption for your back-ups. By default, the encryption key will be the same as your password for the Online Back-up account. It’s important to note that without this encryption key, there can be no restore. If you want to have a different key, click on “Custom” to alter this. You may also choose a different encryption scheme (AES, DESede of Twofish).

After confirming the last step, you will receive a message stating the back-upset was created successfully. From now on, the back-up will be executed according to your defined schedule.

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