It is possible to create a local copy using the Nucleus Online Back-up Manager. This local copy can then be copied directly to our servers, to avoid the initial large back-up and upload.

You may start the Online Back-up Manager by using your login credentials (username and password).

After logging on, you will see the “back-up” button in the left hand side of the screen.

Next, you can choose which back-up set you’d like to create a local copy off, a so called “seed load back-up”. After choosing the back-up set, click on “Options” on the bottom right.

Here you can choose to create a back-up to an “offsite backup server” (this is the “online” back-up), or a “local hard disk”. By choosing the latter options, a full back-up will be made on local storage. It is not possible to create a differential or incremental back-up when performing a local back-up, only a full back-up is possible.

After you have confirmed that the back-up may start, a progress bar will be shown to indicate the status.

After taking the back-up, the directory structure will look like this. The top element in this structure is the name of the online back-up server, in this case “”. The second element is the username for this back-up, the same username you have used to log in to the software, this case “account”. From then, the back-up structure begins.

If you want to send us a local seed load back-up, all files within the “” element need to be copied.

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