To restore any files, you first need to start the Back-up Manager software. You can do this by doubleclicking the icon on your desktop, or by doubleclicking the small icon in the system tray, in the bottom right of the screen.

After logging on, the main screen will open. On the left, you can choose for “restore”.

You may now choose from which Back-upset to restore the files.

In the following screen you can browse through the back-up set, and check all the files you would like to restore.

In the top part of the screen you can determine from which date the files need to be shown. This way, you can filter your files to restore from a specific date. By using the checkboxes on the right hand side, you can determine which files you would like to restore.

The bottom of the screen gives you the possibility to determine where to restore the files. By default, the same location as the original files will be used – thus overwriting any files already present. You may also restore to a different location.

Next, the Back-up Manager will restore and decrypt the files. Through the progress bar, you can see how long this process would take.

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