Validating DNSSEC records

There are many web-based tools that can validate your domain name based on DNSSEC. After entry of your domain name, they will query the […]

How DNSSEC works

We can use DNSSEC to validate the origin of the DNS records we get back from ie. “”. This system allows us to guarantee […]

The MX record

An MX Record (also called Mail eXchange record) is the DNS record that determines to what server the e-mail should be delivered, that is […]

An A-record

An A-record in DNS translates a domain name (such as to the correct IP address, in this case To show the A-record […]

Reverse DNS / PTR Record

Through the classic DNS system, one can resolve a hostname or a domainname to an ip address. This way is translated to […]

A CNAME record

A CNAME record in DNS (also called a Canonical Name) is an alias to another DNS record. The CNAME record has to point to […]

What is DNS

A computer or server does not work with domain names, like we know them, but uses IP addresses to identify computers within a network […]

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