An A-record in DNS translates a domain name (such as to the correct IP address, in this case

To show the A-record of a certain domain, you can do the following:

In windows:
Go to Start, Execute, and enter “cmd” (without quotes)

Press enter, and the Windows Command Prompt will open. This is a black window, which allows you to enter certain commands.

Enter the following command:

Then press enter. A request is now being sent to the DNS server, which will translate the domain name “” to its correct IP address. You will receive an answer as follows:

The result is split in two parts. The first two lines will be different to anyone, as this is the server to which the translate-request is sent.

The following 2 rules (Non-authoritive answer) are the result of the translation-request. You will see the domain name that was request ( and the IP address to which it was translated (

In linux:
In linux you can use a similar way to determine which IP address is attached to what domain. You open a terminal window (the equivalent of the Command Prompt, under Windows). You type “nslookup” and receive a request as follows:

The first two lines here are also the DNS server which received the translation request, to determine the correct IP address. The last 2 lines are the actual result of this lookup, with name domain name ( and its correct IP address (

In this manner, the correct IP address can be discovered that belongs to a certain domain name.

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