What is IDN?

This article is not yet available in English. Please refer to the Dutch version: Wat is IDN?

EPP authorization code

An authorization code is an extra form of security for a domain trade or transfer. This authorization code is unique for each domain, and […]

How do browsers and e-mail clients deal with IDN domain names?

This article is not yet available in English, please refer to our Dutch version: Hoe gaan browsers en e-mail programma’s om met IDN domeinnamen?

Renewals for domain names

At Nucleus we work with to dates: Renewal date : The day for which you must renew. Deletion date : The day that your […]

Authorisation code international domains (.com, .net, .org, …)

You can request your authorisation code in your online control panel. Click on “Domain names” to list all your domain names and click on […]

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