• Go to the Online Nucleus Controlpanel and click ‘domains’ on the left side
    • Choose the domain for which you want to create a new mailbox
    • Click on the icon ‘mailboxes’ in the block ‘e-mail’
    • Click on the icon ‘add’ on top of the page

You’ll notice that the name for the mailbox will be the same as your loginname for the web/email-hosting, followed by a number, eg. nucleus1.
You just created a new email box with address ‘nucleus1@yourdomain.com’.

Ofcourse you want to create a personalized email address for this mailbox. Fill the personlized name in the field ‘Alias’, eg. ‘firstname.lastname’ and click on the button ‘Add’.

To make things clear:

    • nucleus1@yourdomain.com: This is the name of the mailbox. It is predefined by the loginname of your mail/webhosting and cannot be changed.
    • firstname.lastname@yourdomain.com: Is an alias you can add to an existing mailbox. You can make more than one alias for one mailbox.
      (Eg. info@, firstname@, firstname.lastname@, …)


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