If you create a new e-mail forwarding via the Nucleus Controlpanel, it can take up to 15 minutes before this e-mail address is created on all of our mailservers.

If you try to e-mail to this address, before it is actually created on our mailservers, then our anti-spam servers will prevent this e-mail from being delivered, because the e-mail address does not (yet) exist.

They will remember this e-mail address for several hours, as being a “non existant e-mail address”. If you try to e-mail again to this address, even though it already exists on the mailservers, the mail will still be refused.

This cache remains valid for a couple of hours, after which it will automatically be cleared. After this clear, any e-mail you send to this address will be delivered. If it’s an urgent matter you can always contact our support-department at 03/275 01 60 or via email at support@nucleus.be.

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