Open Outlook Express and go to ‘tools’ – ‘accounts’.

On the right, choose for ‘Add’ – ‘Mail’.

Choose the name from whom you want to send your Email. This name will be shown to the recipient of your emails, and can be freely chosen. You can enter your personal name, or the name of your organization.

In the next screen, you can choose the email address for which you want to make these settings. You can enter the mailboxname (ie:, or use an alias (
These names can be found in your controlpanel, in “domains”, “”, “mailboxes” or “aliasses”.

Next up you have to enter the servers that will be used to receive the e-mail. For incoming mail you can use “”, or “mail.[yourdomain].be”. For outgoing e-mail you have to use the mailservers of your internet provider.

As a final step you need to enter your login credentials. These settings can be found in your personal Nucleus control panel.

Confirm all these settings, and your mailbox is ready for us.


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