If you have created a mailbox via the controlpanel, you can receive all the mail that is sent to this mailbox on your local computer (ie: in Outlook, Outlook Express, Thunderbird, … ). To do this, you need a few settings.

Open Outlook and choose ‘Tools’ followed by ‘E-mail Accounts’.

In the next screen, you choose for “Add a new e-mail account” and press ‘Next’.

As server type you choose POP3.

Now you can enter your e-mail settings as you have created them in your controlpanel. As outgoing e-mail server you can use the SMTP server provided to you by your local internet provider. In the related articles (at the bottom of this article) you can find a link with more information about this.

After you have completed these settings, you click ‘Test Account Settings’.

When all settings are correct, you will receive notification of this and you can click ‘close’.

Then press ‘Next’ to continue to the latest screen.

You have now configured your e-mail account. Next time Outlook opens, you will receive your e-mail.

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