To receive mail from the Nucleus Universal Groupware, you need to install the connector for Outlook. This will make Outlook compatible with the Universal Groupware, and allow it to communicate with the server to retrieve your e-mail.

1. Close Outlook
If you still have Outlook open, please close it. As long as Outlook is running, the Universal Groupware Connector can not be installed.

2. Download & Install the connector
The connector can be downloaded for free via our website, on the page with software downloads for Nucleus Universal Groupware. From there, you can download the connector for Microsoft Outlook (which is compatible to Outlook 2003, Outlook 2007, and Outlook 2010).

After you have started the download, you can start the installation by double-clicking the file. The installation wizard will start, and a similar screen to the one shown below will be started.

Press “Next” to start the installation.

Check the option “I accept the terms in the License Agreement”, and proceed by clicking “Next“.

The wizard is now ready to install the software, press “Next” again to start installing.

The wizard is executing the install. Go grab a coffee and wait a minute for it to finish.

The installation was completed successfully. You can end the installer by clicking “Close“.

3. Settings in Outlook
If you now start Outlook, you will see a dialog window asking for your Universal Groupware credentials.

The server name is Check the option “Use secure connection” to make sure all traffic from and to the Universal Groupware servers is encrypted. This helps you protect the privacy of your e-mails.

The e-mail address is the e-mail address you want to use in the Nucleus Universal Groupware. In the input field for password you can enter the password you chose for your account.

After you have clicked “OK“, the settings will be saved and the connector will start synchronizing with the server.

At that point, all new e-mail messages, appointments and contacts will be synchronized with Outlook.

Any new e-mail you send or receive will proceed via the Nucleus Universal Groupware, where you can also access your mails, contacts & appointments through the web-interface. Contacts or appointments made in your Outlook will also be synchronized to the server, and be shown in the web-interface.

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