If you have e-mail accounts at Nucleus (this is default with our shared webhosting packages), you can receive your e-mail via POP3 or IMAP.

You can also access your e-mail via your internet browser (such as Internet explorer, Firefox or Opera), for those times that you are unable to access your E-mail client at home (ie: Outlook). This way, you will always have access to your e-mail, via a simple web-interface.

To get started using this web-interface, you will need a few things. First of all, the name of your mailbox, and the password used to access it. This credentials are needed to access your webmail. If you do not know your password, or the name of the mailbox, you can ofcourse find this information via the controlpanel.

Once you are logged in to the Nucleus Controlpanel, you can navigate to “Domains”, and click through to the domain for which you want to view the mailboxes. You are now in the overview-page of the domain, where you can manage your mailboxes.

Here you can click through to “mailboxes”, after which you receive an overview of the mailboxes for your domain.

To find out what mailbox belongs to your e-mail address, you can click the “edit”-icon, to the right of the mailbox. You will then arrive at the details-page of the mailbox. Here you can view the aliasses that are linked to this mailbox. You will also see your own e-mail address here (ie: ‘peter@domainname.be’, which belongs to this mailbox).

If you do now know your password for the mailbox, you can always edit it in this window.
Warning: if you change your mailbox-password, you will also need to change it in your Outlook-client. See the article “Settings e-mail in outlook”.

You now have your mailbox-name, and the matching password. You can now browse to our Webmail page: http://webmail.nucleus.be. Here you need to enter the full mailbox name:mailbox@domeinname.be. You will also need to enter your password, for this mailbox.

Once you are logged in, you will see an overview of the e-mail that remains in this mailbox. You can reply to an e-mail by using the “reply”-button, at the top, or send a new e-mail via the “new”-button.

Some remarks
If you receive your e-mail via Outlook, this will probably happen via the POP3 protocol (this is the default system to retrieve e-mail from a mailserver). If you receive your e-mail in Outlook, that e-mail will automatically be deleted in the mailserver (this is how POP3 works). Because a mailbox is limited in size, this is a perfect way to limit its size.

If your Outlook-client remains open, the e-mail will automatically be downloaded from our servers, and be deleted there. It is therefore not unusual to see no e-mails in your webmail, because they might have been downloaded to your Outlook client before.

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