With the backup report, a message at the job status could read “Backup not yet finished” – even though the backup completed without any errors, and the files were correctly backed up on the server. I can also restore them using the Restore-function, without issues.

This message is shown because of the working method the backup software uses. Every hour, a report is made to check which backup jobs were executed (or missed according to their schedule), and those reports are then sent out – with the backup job’s status.

A more technical explanation is this: each running backup job is associated with a memory object, which is updated quite frequently. At the 57th minute of every hour, apart from completed backups, the Backup Report job would also scan for unfinished backup jobs that are inactive, i.e. backup jobs that are still running, but whose memory object hasn’t been updated for a while, and report their status.

So the “Backup is still running” alert might be incorrectly triggered during the the downloading of the file list, where the backup job’s memory object is updated less frequently.

Possible solutions are splitting your back-upset into several smallers ones, so it doesn’t take so long to complete a back-upset. It’s possible that a re-install of the software also works.

While this message is annoying, it does not cause the backup job to fail. If no other errors were found in the backup report, there will be nothing to worry about. If this message occurs with every backup job, please contact our support department – they will look into it further.

In a future version of the software, this issue should be fixed.

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