This message occurs on 64-bit systems, where the Lotus Domino Back-up can only run on 32bit systems. This is only applicable to Nucleus Business Back-up.

The solution is to rename two directories, to use the 32-bit JVM instead of the default 64-bit JVM on 64-bit systems.

1) Stop the Online Back-up Service
Stop the following running tasks: Aua.exe, auaJW.exe, bschJW.exe, Scheduler.exe, CDPService.exe, DPService64.exe

2) Rename the following directories
Before: C:/Program Files/Nucleus Business Backup/jvm
After: C:/Program Files/Nucleus Business Backup/jvm64

Before: C:/Program Files/Nucleus Business Backup/jvm32
After: C:/Program Files/Nucleus Business Backup/jvm

3) Restart the Online Back-up services
Via Start > Run > Services.msc you can restart the following services:
– Online Backup Scheduler (Nucleus Online Backup Manager)
– AutoUpdateAgent (Nucleus Business Backup Manager)

The scheduled Lotus Notes back-up task will then be executed successfully.

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