In this article we will provide the necessary explanations to place your website online via FTP (File Transfer Protocol). This is the method used to copy files from your local computer, to our webservers – making them publicly available.

This explanation will be focussed on the use of FileZilla, a free open source FTP application. (download-page)

After downloading & installing the FTP client software, you will see a new icon on your desktop, title: Filezilla Client. Doubleclick this icon to open the FTP application.

Once the software is started, you go to File > Site Manager (or you can use the shortcut ‘CTRL+S’).

Next the Site Manager will open. In this screen you can create different profiles (for different FTPservers).

On the bottom of the screen, click on “New Site” and give this site a profile-name (ie: the name of your website). Next, complete the data as it was provided to you in the activation e-mail.

As Host you can enter the FTP address of the website (this is default A connection to the FTP server uses the default port 21. Change the logontype to “Normal” and enter your FTPusername and password (this is the user that was created during the orderwizard).

If you no longer have the e-mail with connection settings for the FTP, you can always alter these credentials via the Nucleus Controlpanel, by clicking through to your domainname, followed by “FTPPassword”.

After clicking on “Connect” in the Site Manager, a connection to the FTP server is established. You will now see a screen that is split in 2 parts. On your left, you will see a tree-like structure of the documents located on your own computer. On the right side, you see a list of the current documents on the FTP server.

In the left part (your local computer), navigate to the location of your website (ie: c:/VBSite/). In the right part (where the FTP files are shown), navigate to the folder “www” (if it is a windows hosting), or to “public_html” (if it is a linux hosting).

In the left side of the screen (your local computer files), you can select the file you want to place online. Rightclick the file, and choose for “Upload”.

After a few seconds, the file will be visible in the right side of the FTP application. You can now open the file in your webbrowser, by surfing to “”, replacing “index.html” with the name of the file you have just uploaded, and “” with the actual domain name.

If you want to create a homepage for your website (a file that is shown if people surf to “”, without defining the page they want shown), you need to name the file one of the following extensions: “index.htm”, “index.html”, “index.asp” (on windows hosting), “index.php” (linux hosting).

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