When you pay an order through bank transfer, it can take a few days for the payment to reach us. To speed up the activation of your order, you can send us a proof of you payment with online banking to support@nucleus.be. To do so, you need to take a screenshot.

You can use the following steps to make a screenshot. These steps apply to Windows XP/Vista systems.

1. Open your online banking window that contains the proof of your payment.

2. Press the PrintScreen button on your keyboard. If you do this in combination with the Alt-button, you will only get a printscreen of the active window and not the whole screen.

3. Open a photo editing tool like Paint. In Windows, you can find Paint under Start > All programs > Accessories > Paint.

4. Paste your screenshot in Paint. You can use the key combination CTRL+V to do this.

5. Save the image as a JPG image and e-mail it in attachment to support@nucleus.be.

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