It is possible the Backup Update Agent isn’t running anymore. This service is responsible for automatically updating the software. If this service isn’t running (correctly), you have the option of installing the update manually.

For automatic updates, you should perform the following action:
Go to “Start>Run” and enter “services.msc” in the text field and press Enter.

The Windows Service Manager should’ve opened. Look for the service named “AutoUpdateAgent(Nucleus Business Backup)”, right click it and choose for “restart”. If the service wasn’t running you should choose “Start”.

De service will be (re)started en looks immediately whether there are updates available. Leave some time for the update to be downloaded and installed and try (15 min later) to open the Backup Manager. Normally the update should be performed correctly.

If this solution didn’t work out, you can delete the “Nucleus Business Backup” from your computer( via start > programs > Nucleus Business Backup > Uninstall) and download the latest version from the Nucleus control panel.

Now you can install this version and log in with the same username and password.
Previously created backupsets and performed backups will still be available.
So it is perfectly safe to reinstall the software.

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