You can reinstall the Backup Manager, without problems.

You start by removing the current version of the software, via start > All Program’s > Nucleus Online Backup > uninstall.

Then you delete the folders used by Nucleus Online Backup.

If you have a Windows 2000, 2003 or XP operating system, these folders can be found in the following places. You can completely delete these folders.
C:\Documents and Settings\[Your Username]\.obm\ (1)
C:\Program Files\Nucleus Business Backup\

With Windows Vista, these files can be found in the following location. You can completely remove these folders.
C:\Users\[Your Username]\.obm\ (1)
C:\Program Files\Nucleus Business Backup\

1: it’s possible that you can not see the directory “.obm”, because it is by default hidden by the operating system. To see hidden files on your windows, take a look at the following article: Display hidden files and folders in Windows.

In Linux, the files can be found in the following directory. You can complete remove these.
/root/.obm/ (1)

1: replace “root” by the system-user that is executing the backup.

Installing the latest version
The new version of the software can be downloaded via the controlpanel ( or via the website (download page). You download the installation software to a temporary directory, and start the installwizard by doubleclicking the file you have just downloaded. You follow the steps in the installationwizard, after which the software will automatically start.

The backups you had already made, will ofcourse continue to exist on our backup-cluster. If you start the software, you have the possibility to log in using your username & pasword. After starting the software, the back-up settings are downloaded from our central server, and you will receive the list of backupsets in the Backup Manager.

All your data is stored on a backup-cluster (including your settings). Reinstallingen the software will not cause data-loss.


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