In the Nucleus Universal Groupware you can share a calendar by logging in to the web-interface( using your username (= your e-mail address) and the password provided to you.

Next you can click on “Preferences” in the tabs on top.

Next you can click on “Accounts” in the left menu bar.

Now you can add an account by clicking on “Add External Account“.
In the menu below you will be able to fill in the desired e-mail address.
You can choose a name for your new account in the textbox named “Account Name“.

The choise you make at “Account type” depends on the type of account you wish to add. POP3 is mainly used for accounts that are linked to your internet service provider. Skynet, Telenet, Scarlet, and Euphony. IMAP is used for Gmail accounts and accounts alike.

In the textbox “Username of Account” you can fill in your username. In case of a Gmail account you have to fill in your entire e-mail adress.

The server that has to be filled in in at “Email Server” depends on the account you would like to configure. Below you will find a list of the most common mailservers.

Telenet :
Scarlet :
Skynet :
Euphony :
Yahoo :
Gmail :

In the textbox “Password” you can fill in your password.You can also choose the option “Show password” to check if it is entered correctly.

Some accounts like Gmail have to connect through SSL. This option can be enabled through the option “Use an encrypted connection (SSL) when accessing this server” in the “Advanced Options” menu.

Example of a POP3 configuration:

Example of a IMAP configuration:

When you have configured your account you can test these settings with the
Test Settings” button.

Your account is now succesfully configured. The only step left is to save your configuration. This can be done by clicking on the “Save” button in the left corner of the configuration menu.

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