The Outlook Connector for Nucleus Universal Groupware has the ability to log all events that occur, but it isn’t enabled by default. Please follow these steps, to enable logging and debug information.

ZCOLogCtl.exe is installed when the Nucleus Universal Groupware Outlook Connector is installed. If users encounter problems when accessing their Nucleus Universal Groupware accounts using the Outlook Connector, you can enable the logging control tool to log errors and events that occur while they are using NUG. Logging Control should be used for all troubleshooting. Once you have enabled logging and have recreated the issue, you can then send this log to Nucleus Support for analysis.

This logging control tool is in the local ID directory, C:\Program files\Common Files\System\MSMAPI\1033\.

When opening the Logging Control, the screen will look similar to the one shown below.

The following options can be specified:


    • HTTP Logging. Enabling HTTP logging will log any HTTP connections.


    • Verbose Logging. Enabling verbose logging will create more detailed logs, but may affect performance.


    • Keep Logging. When you enable this option, the logging control tool saves more than one backup log file. By default, only one backup log file is saved.


    • Log File Path. In this field, you can specify in what directory log files should be saved.


    • Log File Prefix. In this field, you can specify the prefix for log files.


    • Maximum Log File Size. You can indicate the maximum size of a log file. The default log file size is 10 megabytes. When the size of the log reaches the limit, the current log is set aside and a second log is created. If the log file size is set to 0, the size of the log file is unlimited.


After confirming the settings, you will need to restart Outlook. After restarting, all events will be logged into those logfiles.

When the problem has been recreated, please e-mail Nucleus support at and attach these log files.

Note: Enable Logging should be unchecked to disable logging when not being used for troubleshooting. If logging is on continuously, performance may be affected.

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