In the Nucleus Universal Groupware you can share a calendar by logging in to the web-interface ( using your username (= your e-mail address) and the password provided to you.

Next you can click on “Calendar” in the tabs on top. You now get an overview of your own calendars, in the menu on the left. Rightclick with your mouse on the agenda you want to share, and choose for the option “Share Calendar“.

A new dialog-window will open, where you can alter many properties of the shared calendar – such as who is allowed to view it, and what rights that user has.

If you want to share the calendar with another Universal Groupware user, you can enter the e-mail address of thet person. He or she will then receive an e-mail, in which they can accept or deny the share.

You can also share the agenda with exterior sources, so the calendar can be viewed as an iCal or another format.

The calendar can be made “read only” by selecting the role “Viewer“. That person can view the calendar, and the appointments made, but can not alter, remove or create new appointments. If you choose the role “Manager“, then it’s possible to create, modify or delete appointments, as well as accept or decline appointment requests.

The person(s) you add to the calendar share will receive an e-mail asking them to confirm or deny this share request. That mail will look as follows.

In the blue bar on top, there are two buttons: “Accept Share” or “Decline Share“.

If the share is accepted, the user will have the chance to enter a new calendar name to be shown in his/her calendar list. This name is only visible to that user, the original calendar name will remain untouched.

Afterwards the calendar will also appear in the “Calendar“-tab, where appointments can be viewed and modified – depending on the user role.

You can also delete the calendar afterwards, by rightclicking the calendar and choosing “Remove“.

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