How does one create a subdomain?

For now, this article is only available in Dutch: Hoe kan ik een subdomein aanmaken?

Making use of .htaccess

You can definately use .htaccess on your Linux webhosting. On new webhosting (from 17/04/2012) packages this is enabled by default. For older packages this […]

Creating your own 404 error pages

For a Linux Webhosting you can use a file named “.htaccess”, to create your own 404 error pages. Create the file “.htaccess” in the […]

Redirect domain without WWW-prefix

If you are using a Linux Webhosting, or your own Linux Server, you can use the Apache .htaccess file and the mod_rewrite module to […]

Change FTP password

Altering the FTP password can be done easily via our controlpanel. You log in ( with your username & password. Then you click in […]

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