Show a website on my domain name

To place your website online, you will need 2 primary things: a domain name and the necessarywebhosting. These are 2 separate things. The domain […]

Using meta-tags

Via meta-tags or meta-information you can add extra information to your website, which a normal visitor won’t see. These meta-tags are inserted into the […]

Page refresh doesn’t work

This is possibly due to the way a browser (like Internet Explorer, Firefox, Safari or Opera) handles web pages. Every time you visit a […]

Creating a website

You can create a website using 2 methods. You either use a WYSIWYG editor (What You See Is What You Get), like Microsoft Expression […]

Display the homepage

If you browse to a webpage, such as, the webserver will always look for a default page to be shown. These pages will […]

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