To place your website online, you will need 2 primary things: a domain name and the necessarywebhosting. These are 2 separate things. The domain name is the name you enter in your web-browser, to reach the website.

The webhosting is a bit of diskspace on our servers, where you can place the files to make your website available to the public. These are the files that make up your website, which your visitors can view.

If you register a domain name with Nucleus, you have several options. You can register only a domain name, a domain name + mailhosting, or a domain name + webhosting.

If you have chosen for a domain name + webhosting, you receive the necessary diskspace from us to place the files online (upload).

If you only have a domain name with Nucleus, you can use E-mail and URL-forwarding. With thisURL-forwarding, you can attach your domain name to an already existing website.

Should you only have a domain name, you can always purchase the necessary diskspace (webhosting), to place your website online. This insures you of a fast & reliable website. More information can be found on our shared webhosting pages, on our website

If you have any more questions, please contact our support-team – they will be more than happy to assist you.

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