Advantages of colocation

When you need your own servers for one reason or the other, you have to decide between an on-premise datacenter or colocation. Colocation has a few important advantages.

  • You have a well-secured location with guaranteed power supply, burglary protection, water and fire detection and climate conditioning.
  • You have a fast connection of 1 gb/s with unique failover
    All our datacenter locations are connected to independent networks with multiple uplinks
  • You have a guaranteed maximal uptime of 99,90 percent
  • You have a remote power switch that allows you to restart your browser 24/7 for free
  • Colocation is cheaper than managing your own datacenter


Our experts analyze your exact needs and make sure you don’t pay for things you’re not going to use anyway. Our standard package is already pretty substantial, but we have some interesting extras.

Shared firewalling

We place your server behind our firewalls. With shared firewalling all access attempts to your server – except those you approve –  are blocked. You decide which ports are open and which are not.

SMS Monitoring

We monitor your server 24/7. Every minute our system controls if all services on your server are still working. If there is a problem, you (or Nucleus) get a text message to alarm you.

External back-up

You reserve some space on our back-up-server and we make sure back-ups happen automatically; just as you plan them. The bandwidth being used for back-ups is not added to your monthly usage.

Nucleus - Uptime as a Service

Our strengths

  • High-quality products and services
  • Fierce and transparent guarantees
  • Valuable tailor-made advice
  • An ISO 27001 certified data security
  • Years of experience in the field of hosting
  • All servers are hosted in Belgian datacenters
  • An independent, financially healthy and growing company
  • Transparent, honest and proactive communication