Technical Specifications

When it comes to colocation or housing the numbers are important.
Depending on the location there are different specifications.

 Antwerpen (LCL)Nossegem (Mobistar)
AddressNoorderlaan 133, 2030 AntwerpLeuvensesteenweg 641, 1930 Nossegem
SLA Uptime99.90%99.90%
Width racks60cm [1]60cm [1]
Max. power per rack32A32A
Network connection100Mbps/1Gbps/10GE100Mbps/1Gbps/10GE
Type racksMinkelsMinkels
Multi-site Subnetpossiblepossible
24/7 on-site surveillanceyesyes
SMS monitoringoptionaloptional
AccessPersonal access code[2]Sign in with the security guard [2]
Back-up PowerUPS batteries & generatorsUPS batteries & generators
Network capacity240Gpbs240Gbps

[1] 80cm racks possible.
[2] visitors need to be on the Access List, copy of the ID card required.