Strong guarantees, soft prices

You pay a fee in function of the size of your backup and that’s it[1]. No extra costs, start up fee or small print. The start up and using the restore-function are free.

Online back-up pricing

10 GB€10,00
25 GB€15,00
50 GB€20,00
75 GB€30,00
100 GB€35,00
150 GB€50,00
200 GB€65,00
250 GB€75,00
300 GB€80,00
400 GB€95,00
500 GB€110,00
750 GB€160,00
1000 GB€200,00
1500 GB€285,00
2000 GB€350,00

Prices are excl. VAT and on a monthly basis.

[*] Brick-level restoring of your mailboxes in Exchange comes with a license fee of 0,90€ a month.