Types of partnerships

We have four types of partnerships, each with its own implementation. In this regard, it is important that a partner always remains the lead of a specific project that he brings in. Check below which type of partnership suits you best. For more details on the various partnerships, please contact us.


As an integrator, you buy services or products from Nucleus and then offer these within your own service or package to customers. In exchange, we provide an attractive discount based on the purchased volume.


As a reseller, you sell your own services to the customer and bring Nucleus to the table as a hosting partner. In exchange, we will provide an attractive fixed commission.

Lead generator

You bring a new customer or a specific sales lead to us. When the contract is signed and closed, we will provide you with a fixed compensation based on your efforts.


When potential new customers name you as the person who brought them to us, you will receive a reward when we close a contract of a sufficient size. We value you as a Nucleus ambassador.

What are the benefits of a partnership?

As a partner, you can either receive very attractive discounts, or earn something additionally. Furthermore, there are several additional advantages as a reseller or integrator.

Among others, you will receive a custom-made control panel for your services and products, our sales team will provide assistance and possible new leads, and we will see how we can cooperate in an optimal manner in the area of marketing.

Would you like to know more about the different partnerships? Please contact our sales team.